Dairy Free Holiday Eggnog Recipe

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

‘Tis the season to be eggnoggy, Fa La La La La- La La La La! Eggnog is such a rich, delicious treat for the holidays, but it is ohhh sooo not healthy for you. Traditional eggnog recipes consist of ingredients like egg yolks (okay, not so terrible yet), high fructose corn syrup, risky preservatives like carrageenan, thickeners like cornstarch and guar gum and artificial colors like yellow 5 and 6. Not exactly something you want to raise a glass to. In this Coconut Eggnog recipe, you are getting a healthier but equally delicious festive drink for you and your guests. Oh, and did we mention it’s spiked? Adult elves only!

You will need a good quality blender like a Vitamix. If you don’t have anything fancy, a regular blender or single-serve blending machine will do. You will also need a stove or a cooktop. For the easy version, put your egg yolks, nutmeg, sugar (or honey), cinnamon and coconut milk in your blender. If you are choosing honey, I recommend grabbing some local, raw honey if possible. Leave your booze out for now. Blend away until smooth. Feel free to sing, “Jingle Bells” while doing so. I won’t judge. ☺

Once you are done with your Christmas caroli