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Confidence + Self-Love Mini Course


Silence your inner critic - for good.

You know, that loud, abrasive voice that tells you you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough to do the things you really want to do?

It's time to shut that Inner Critic down.

What would you do with more confidence?

Look your boss in the eye and ask for what you deserve?

Sign up for that new dating app and start putting yourself out there?

Find a job where you feel heard, understood and appreciated for your unique talents?

Convince the world to fall in love with you & your ideas? Finally write that book? Open that business? Start that Advocacy group?

In Confidence + Self-Love, you'll learn:

How to stop subscribing to negative self-talk

A powerful activity to silence your Inner Critic for good

How to love and trust yourself again

How to re-frame your negative thought-process.

Simple tools you can use daily to help you consciously choose positive words and thoughts.

Be the best version of yourself.

I believe in you. Now it's time to believe in yourself. Enough of thinking that you will be confident WHEN.....

No, you will be happy and confident NOW.  You deserve it.  

Confidence + Self Love is a self-guided mini course where you can cultivate a deeper sense of confidence and self-love in less than 60 minutes!

You can access this course from your phone, computer or tablet.  This course will contain written notes for you to dive into and video modules from yours truly. 

This is not a stuffy confidence workshop.  In my video modules, I tell you how it is with my love, grace and honesty.  Imagine that I am sitting with you at one of my in-person workshops.  My video modules will be just like that.  

  • Accessible from any device

  • Three Video Modules

  • Completely downloadable and printable e-book

  • Full lifetime access

  • Full print lecture included

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