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Work With Nicole

Work with Nicole to to speak to, uplift and inspire your audience.  Nicole's motivational testimonies of overcoming obstacles create a memorable impact with High School students all the way up to older adults.  

Nicole's presentations are perfect for audiences who are:

  • Confused students wanting to fit in

  • Covering up problems at home

  • Acting out in school and at home

  • Struggling with drug and alcohol abuse

  • Having trouble accomplishing goals

  • Finding motherhood challenging

  • Having difficulty finding self-identity

  • Struggling with self-love and confidence

  • Unable to get through negative trauma from the past

Nicole also does personal growth and happiness workshops working with primarily females and mothers where we work on the following topics:

  • Clearing emotional blocks

  • Depression and anxiety

  • The body, mind and soul connection

  • Our Inner Critic and Inner Guide

  • Gaining confidence and self-love

  • Moving through past trauma

  • Effective Journaling 

  • Reflection Circles

  • Holistic health

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"Having Nicole speak at our event was a fantastic decision.  She was motivational, inspiring and so incredibly relate-able.  When she was finished and walked off stage, the audience immediately gravitated toward her." Julie S. 

"Nicole is amazing to work with.  She's reliable, professional and really makes an impact" -George P. 

"Working with Nicole was a no-brainer.  She has a unique and young edge to reach an audience many others cannot.  She is real, blunt and honest...which most audiences feed off of.  It's not whether you should hire or not, it's whether you want her back once a year or twice a year! Highly recommend!" -Lou B.

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