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Feel It.  Heal It.  Let It Go.

Taking Power Back From Your Pain

Self-defeating behavior is something that most people struggle with, but we often can’t pinpoint where it came from.   It is a poison, preventing us from achieving the love, success and happiness we want in our lives. And what really drives us crazy is feeling compelled to change but not knowing how. Feel It.  Heal It. Let It Go traces back to where it all began and moves through those painful childhood memories and explains why and how we sabotage ourselves today as a result of our past. The message offers three revelations of action to transform behavior from self-defeating to life-enhancing. Feeling the pain.  Healing from the pain and letting go of the pain.


With anecdotes and usable insights drawn from personal experiences, Nicole shares ideas that have helped her overcome pain, fear, and confusion and how to approach life's challenges with confidence, love, courage, and even humor. By encouraging readers to reflect upon what happened, Nicole’s message provides practical steps toward change that you can work into your everyday life - Feel It. Heal It.  Let It Go shows you how to stop subscribing to the painful yet stagnant stories of your past, create momentum and emerge into the most incredible version of yourself yet.   

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