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​I grew up in a dysfunctional household with an alcoholic and mentally ill mother.  Finding my way was very tough.  My journey included lots of covering up emotions in unhealthy ways.  As I moved through depression, anxiety and low self-worth, I never knew how to deal with any of the experiences I was going through. 

​It wasn't until I used writing to process the challenges in my world where things changed.  I stuffed diaries and notebooks in my sock drawer, protected by the almighty "locket".  

​I was always the child with "too many emotions" or so I was made to believe.  I always felt so deeply, until I didn't anymore.  I didn't feel anything at all.  I remained numb for many, many years.  I was no longer affectionate toward those I loved.  I no longer felt pain of a break-up, or for anyone really.  
​I used to think I was broken because when I definitely should have been feeling sadness, I felt nothing.

​As I grew older, I was feeling depleted living this life that didn't feel like my own.  It wasn't fulfilling.  I began uncovering the layers through self discovery and incredible healing practices.  The pain was intense at times, but just the fact that I was actually feeling the pain was a sign that I was making progress.


I was put on this Earth to help others.  I do believe it's my calling.  As a kid, I would always dread going to counseling, not knowing how a person I didn't know could truly care about me and my life.  Now, I get it, because that's  me.  I truly care about you and what you are going through, and It's not only my passion, but my mission to help you see the light.  


Love + Light,


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"The Best Project You Will Ever Work On Is Yourself"