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How Living In Gratitude Can Transform Your Life

It is weaved into the very fabric of our society to focus on things we don’t have. The next new iPhone, the fanciest car, the most beautiful house. As a society, we don’t express or cultivate gratitude, nor do many view it as a priority. Why do you think that is? In my opinion, due to all of the distractions in our fast-paced lives these days, gratitude takes the back-burner. But, what happens when we SLOW DOWN, forget about the things we don’t have, and only focus on the abundance of things we DO have?

The thing is, simple acts of gratitude can transform your life in a way that you never believed possible. Gratitude is essentially the recognition of things we have in life that we didn’t necessarily work actively toward or even ask for.

Although gratitude is a feeling that spontaneously emerges from without ourselves, it’s not that simple. It’s not a simple emotional response many times. It’s a conscious choice. This is what is often misunderstood.

Gratitude is an attitude. It’s a disposition. It’s who you become. It is the underlying foundation of every other quality you possess as an individual. It keeps your heart open, despite difficult circumstances or seasons in your life.

So how can we consciously choose gratitude in a society that tries so hard to destroy it?

1.Set Your Intention

Gratitude is a choice. An intentional choice that you practice making every single day. It is within you right now, but you won’t find it until you intentionally decide to choose it.

2. Count Your Blessings

A brand new day, the air you breathe, the warm coffee in your hand, your healthy child, your special gifts. You have amazing gifts in your life already. Spend a quiet moment each day remembering them. This practice alone can change your heart and transform your life without measure.

3. Stop Focusing On Things You Don’t Have

Way too many people never realize gratitude bcause they spend so much energy focusing on what they do NOT have! Get rid of things that promise you more joy in your life if you purchase those things. Purchased items cannot bring you happiness. YOU bring you happiness.

4. Stay Humble.

Hopefully you are growing and evolving, my friend. That is a beautiful, incredible thing. But don’t begin to think that your life is better, more valuable or more important than the person sitting next to you. We are all in this life together, discovering our own paths. A humble heart will find more joy and satisfaction in life than an egotistical one. My all-time favorite quote is, “Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.”

5. Give With Your Heart

I explore this topic in depth in my Happiness Workshop. I don’t mean to start digging in your pockets. I mean to give with your heart. Random acts of kindness with no expectations will fill up your cup and your life. Spread kindness to others and leave a beautiful footprint in this world.

6. Be Grateful For Obstacles

It’s so easy to be grateful when life is going great, isn’t it? But how about the difficult times? Death, disease, rejection, failure. Unfortunately, no one lives on this earth without trials and tribulations of some kind. But good can always be found, even in the worst of times. Embracing gratitude during these trials can help get you through them.

It isn’t a happy, wonderful life that makes us grateful. It is the exact opposite actually. It is a grateful heart that creates a happy, wonderful life. So set your intention to choose gratitude every single day, and see how it can transform your life.

Have you started practicing gratitude daily? How has it changed your life? Tell me in the comments or over on my Instagram Page.

My next Happiness Workshop launches on January 7th. I really hope you will join us. <3

Love + Light,


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