Breathwork For Clearing Emotional Blocks From The Body

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I remember the first time I took a yoga class. All of the directive suggestions to breathe in and out actually annoyed me. For the longest time, I would take the yoga class and ignore the breathing parts. It wasn't until I really dove into mindfulness and meditation where I realized how much power the breath has in the body. Before I knew it, I was incorporating mindful breathing into many parts of my daily life.

When I hooked up with a soul sister of mine, breathwork facilitator Tiffany Curren, we felt aligned to do a women's empowerment workshop together. The first half of the session I guided women through their highs and lows to help them navigate through the mixed messages our minds can relay to us. Next, came the breathwork circle.

Although I did a Q&A on my podcast about breathwork with Tiffany, I still didn't truly dive into details of it on my own. I practiced meditation, I experienced acupuncture, I practiced breathing techniques and conscious mindfulness. So, naturally, I thought the breathwork experience would b