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Eating Foods That Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

If you are not familiar with the term, “Raise your vibration”, it may sound a little foreign to you. It may sound intimidating or you may want to associate it with a certain religious belief. To me, raising my vibration is just what I call it because I am a visual person. I also have to give it some type of name, or no one will know what I am talking about.

For me, it is simply a heightened sense of awareness which strengthens my relationship with myself and God. For others, they may have their own thoughts on vibrations and their spirituality.

Having a background and passion for holistic health, I understand how important nutrition is for our bodies. But choosing the right foods, high in vibrational frequencies, or full of LIFE, can have incredible impacts on not only your body, but your mind and your soul too.

high vibrational healthy food

We live in a vibrational world where many things are inter-connected. Everything we do, say, think and believe play a role in our overall awareness and wellness. The foods we eat are not exempt from that philosophy.

What Are High Vibration Foods?

If you are making progress on growing and changing your life in a positive way but are still feeling held back in some way, the foods you are eating can be that block. Not only does food cause physical challenges in your health, but they can also create resistance in your mind, body and spirit with the toxins and low vibrations.

A high vibrational diet will best serve you when other facets of you and your life are all working in beautiful unison. Combined with inner work, healing, self-love and self-care, the right foods can align you fully and wonderfully.

High vibrational foods are live-giving foods. (Foods from God!) They nourish your body, detox you, increase your light (the level of light you are able to carry) and yes, raise your vibrational frequency. Think nutrient-dense, raw, living fruits and vegetables.

High vibrational foods = raw, organic, local, vegan, nourishing.

  • Dark, leafy greens (the color of LIFE!)

  • Raw herbs like basil, cilantro, tarragon, chives, dill.

  • Sprouts like alfalfa, sunflower seeds, broccoli sprouts, etc.

  • Wild berries like blueberries, elderberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, goldenberries.

  • Mushrooms like chaga mushrooms and reishi mushrooms.

  • Spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae

  • Filtered spring water (High PH)

  • Fermented foods like saurkraut, pickles, kombucha

  • Soaked and sprouted raw nuts like seeds, legumes, ancient grains, millet, buckwheat.

  • Cold-pressed oils like coconut, flax, avocado, sesame, olive.

Low Vibrational Foods (To Avoid)

These foods are not life-giving foods. They do not nourish the body. You know this already, you just need to listen to your inner guide. Listening to your body is crucial.

  • Processed foods, fried foods

  • Refined white sugars, flours

  • GMO foods, chemically treated foods

  • Excessive alcohol, caffeine, animal products

Listen To Your Body & Love Your Body

If you are reading this and think this may be a hard transition for you, try to transition your mindset instead. If you care about something, what do you do with it? You love, nourish and take care of it.

How about yourself? Love yourself fully and completely, and show that love by only nourishing yourself with healthy, life-giving foods. View food as supporting and sustaining your beautiful body, not as a quick stomach fill-up, entertainment or a mood-altering substance.

When You Will Feel The Shift

When you begin to make these changes and become consistent with eating high vibrational, nutrient-rich foods, you will feel the shift, trust me! You will feel a sense of lightness, a closer relationship with your higher-power (In my case, God), and feel a true sense of contentment/happiness.

Also, once you detox a lot of those toxins in lower-frequency foods, you will begin to actually crave and enjoy high vibrational and nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Your palate changes and your mood will end up being uplifted by foods instead of dragged down by them.

Have you experienced a physical, emotional and spiritual shift after changing to a lifestyle of consistent high-vibrational foods? Tell me about it!

Love + Light,

Naturally Nicole {Nicole Musap}

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