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Sample interview questions

If you would like these interview questions in a downloaded PDF file, click here!



1.) You talk a lot about this three phase process of "feeling it, healing it and letting it go." Can you describe what each of those phases mean and how they can help people heal from their past?

2.) You go into depth in your book about how our brains work and react to traumatic experiences.  Can you talk to us a little bit more about that?


3.) Your book goes pretty deep into your own personal experiences of navigating a childhood with an alcoholic parent. Was that difficult to write?

4.) In your book, you connect specific traumatic experiences of your past with behaviors you developed later in life as an adult. How did you come to those connections and how can readers connect those dots also?

5.) You have journal prompts and activities at the end of each chapter in your book.  How important are those prompts and what made you add those in for the reader?

6.) You have a very prominent chapter in your book about the freedom of forgiveness and how it is pivotal in the healing process to forgive your offender(s).  You even warn the reader how difficult this specific topic can be.  Can you talk to us a little more about this?

7.) This is your first book.  Where did you get the inspiration to write something like Feel It. Heal It. Let It Go?

8.) What were you main goals for writing this book?

9.) What are your next steps now after publishing Feel It.  Heal It.  Let It Go?

10.) You run online personal growth workshops, how do they relate to your book?

11.) What is your main message for readers looking into your book?

12.) Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

13.) What are your current projects?

14.) Was writing always a passion of yours?


15.) Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

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