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stuck in a rut?

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it's time for a shift. 

Plan your Shift Day

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Are you stuck in a rut? Have you been stuck in a difficult season for weeks, months or even years?

This 8 page E-Guide will help you in 5 simple steps to target the reason for the rut and outline how to plan and prepare for your Shift Day!

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Today is my SHIFT DAY!

lately, you have just been feeling...

  • Down & Anxious

  • Unmotivated

  • Unfulfilled

  • Lacking Focus

  • Playing each day on repeat

  • Unhealthy

  • Overwhelmed

  • Lost

  • Disconnected

  • Just BLAH!

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Your Shift Day is a momentous occasion. An occasion more important than your birthday or anniversary. It should be a BIG celebration!


Your Shift Day is the day you trigger momentum to a new season of your life. A season filled with only health + pure joy. Starting momentum is the biggest challenge, which is why some people simply never do it.


This e-guide lays out 5 simple steps to work through past problems with intention and prepare for the bright, beautiful season ahead. Topics discussed include Why Feeling Bad Feels Good, How Our Brain Responds to Complaining, Planning & Preparing For Shift Day and Maintaining Momentum. This guide comes complete with journal prompts, mantras and a notes section.  

this shift day planner will help you:

  • shift from a place of waiting to a place of action

  • Re-connect to your dreams & goals

  • change your way of thinking

  • put yourself as a priority

  • make a plan and stick to it

  • celebrate yourself

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